Attacks in Istanbul

An attack has again shook the main city of Turkey. The detonation of a car bomb driven by remote control the passage of a police bus in the historic center of Istanbul caused at least 11 dead and many wounded. ‘Seven officers and four civilians have been killed, 36 others were injured,’ the provincial governor,…


Floods in Germany

In Baden-Württemberg, three persons he has died and several have turned out to be hurt by the strong rains that it took place yesterday day 29/05/2016, that caused ravages in peoples and cities. An underground parking was completely destroyed, these rains have affected principally the south of country. The most affected city was Schwäbisch Gmünd….


Barcelona won 2-0 Sevilla

Barcelona King’s Cup and a domestic double after defeating Sevilla (2-0) with goals from Jordi Alba and Neymar in the overtime was. An extension that was a different match 90 minutes earlier. In those, Sevilla commanded that grazed the goal and title over time. The initial equality broke with the expulsion of Mascherano, who was…

D trump

Donald Trump and American politics

It would be difficult for Trump proposals will be held. Even assuming he won in November, should have the support of Congress for reforms, and the Stop Trump move could deprive Republicans of many of their seats. Besides the changes proposed are radical. They go against a long tradition of support for free trade and…


Sexual violence in Mexico

Sexual violence against women, especially minors, Mexico has reached such levels of impunity that in at least three of its states an adult man may be pardoned a rape if he marries the girl. 47 percent of women in Mexico over 15 years have suffered some form of violence, whether physical, sexual, emotional or economic….

Amazing what happens to this Girl in water

Look how amazing Amazing what happens to this Girl in water, Watch the video !! Multilevel marketing is a type of direct selling. Normally, the salespeople sell products directly to consumers by means of recommendations and marketing mouth to mouth. The commercial of MLM not only sell the products of the company but to encourage…


Ciudadanos pide que sean los bancos quienes hagan las devoluciones

Ciudadanos pide que sean los Bancos los que se hagan cargo de las devoluciónes de las pensiones de personas que hayan fallecido y sean las titulares. Ciudadanos quiere que los bancos sean los que se hagan cargo de la devolución de las pensiones abonadas tras el fallecimiento del titular pues así queda inscrito en el…


Seísmo de 7.8 grados de intensidad

Seísmo de 7,8 grados en Ecuador. Seísmo de alta magnitutud (7.8 grados) en la costa de ecuador deja de momento a 77 víctimas aunque se estima que el número final será mayor debido a la gravedad del temblor.El fobrierno decretó el estado de emergencia en las provincias de Esmeraldas, Manabí, Guayas, Santo Domingo de los…


Unicaja podría haber pagado a Manos Limpias

Unicaja: el juez sospecha que pagaron a Manos Limpias para desimputar a Medel El juez cree que Unicaja pagó a Manos Limpias, y esta no sería la única extorsión que cometería la asociación y por ello ahora mismo se esta investigando las posibles implicaciones en diferentes casos como sería también el de la Infanta Cristina…


Soria no asistirá al Congreso de Ministros

Soria no asistirá al consejo de ministros por la situación en la que se encuentra debido a su posible implicación en “los papeles de Panamá” El ministro de Industria, José Manuel Soria, ha disculpado su asistencia a la asamblea del Consejo de Ministros de mañana. Soria ha excusado su presencia de esa asamblea tras las…